A slice of pie symbolizes the value of a Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO

[frak-shuh-nl see em oh] noun

1. Part-time or Interim Senior Marketing Expertise and Leadership for a fraction of the cost of an internal employee.

2. Get MORE for LESS.

Why Go Fractional?

When you need the marketing strategy, planning, and execution a full-time Chief Marketing Officer and marketing team brings but don’t have the budget, a Fractional CMO is your answer.

For a fraction of the cost—and in a fraction of the time—a Fractional CMO can drive more awareness, more engagement, and more revenue.

A watch face symbolizes the value of a Fractional CMO
an orange lifesaving device indicates the value of a Fractional CMO

When We are a Good Fit

Your company either isn’t large enough for a full-time marketing executive or you have recently experienced budget cuts that made a full-time marketing executive and team impossible.

Recent leadership changes have left your company in need of an interim leader or advisor so you don’t lose traction with your marketing.

You need the freedom to run your business and do what you do best without worrying about your branding, marketing, and customer relations.

myCMOnow founder Liz Papagni

“When we become an integral part of your leadership team, your goals become our goals. Our job is to help you not only meet your goals, but to exceed them so you can continue to scale your business.”



  • 25+ years in Senior Marketing and Leadership in corporate and agency settings
  • Founder, CEO, and CMO of Marketing Initiative Worx and myCMOnow
  • Worked with a vast array of clients, from established small businesses to Fortune 500 companies
  • Launched and scaled dozens of brands and products


  • Hiring, managing, and overseeing high-performance teams
  • Create and execute plans that convince and convert
  • Deliver data-driven strategies that decrease costs, while increasing revenue
  • Produce consistent double-digit results for clients
  • Develop and implement departmental processes, procedures and guidelines


  • Number-one best-selling author of “Your Marketing Roadmap”
  • Published in “CEO Magazine” & “Women on Business”
  • Nationally syndicated blog “Marketing Insights”
  • Success Magazine – Women of Influence, Nominee
  • NAWBO, Women Business Owner of the Year Award Finalist
  • Board Member of several Corporate and Charitable organizations

Our Impact

Create and execute on go-to market marketing strategies & plans, including lead and revenue generation

Establish KPI’s, metrics, analysis, and optimization reporting, enabling visibility, accountability, and the ability to make data-driven decisions

Hire, manage, and oversee your team, or use our extensive network of seasoned experts in all marketing disciplines for flawless and purpose-driven execution

Build internal marketing processes & frameworks, creating sustainable foundations for continued success

Deliver exceptional value, knowledge, expertise and collaboration to your senior management team

Client Praise

Your Extended Team

We pride ourselves in being your branding and marketing partner.

The myCMOnow team is here to serve, whether as a whole or as a fractional supplement to your staff. Our group of seasoned professionals are experts in their field and are at the top of their game, with experience and certifications that set them apart from other marketing teams. More importantly, they bring with them branding and marketing acumen that has propelled client brands and business growth to success.


Social Media Maven


Creative Wizard


Web Design & Programming Magician


Digital Phenom


Content Queen

Why Wait?

Get the expertise you need and the results you deserve at a cost you can afford.
Because you can’t afford not to.