Why Your Content Strategy MUST Include Blogging

A few years ago, articles popped up everywhere proclaiming that blogging was dead. But then it didn’t die; it didn’t even get a little fever. In fact, a business blog is more important than ever. Companies that blog produce 67% more leads each month, so blogs are obviously one of the most important components of a healthy content strategy. Now [...]

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Food and Beverage Brands Doing Amazing Things with Video Marketing

By 2019, a predicted 80% of all web traffic will be video. This means there’s a greater demand now, more than ever, for engaging, entertaining, and informative video. The problem is, with 80% of internet traffic in video form, new videos have a harder time catching users’ attention. That doesn’t mean using video for your CPG brand is no longer [...]

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3 Food and Beverage Brand Blogs We Love

Blogging for your emerging food and beverage brand may seem like a pointless endeavor. What could you possibly say about your products that buyers won’t learn by tasting or even seeing? That’s why so many brands have made the transition to social media, particularly Instagram. We still see the benefit of a blog, however, especially for growing food and beverage [...]

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3 Science-Backed Business Blog Tips to Carry You Into 2018

You have a business blog, don’t you? With so many benefits available to your business, why wouldn’t you? Your company’s blog provides a host of opportunities for you, including: More chances to optimize for search More informed customers Wider reach through social channels Increased traffic to your website Opportunities for convincing and converting However, we also know that content on [...]

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