Marketing Trends and Predictions to Help Leadership Prepare for 2024

With a new year around the corner, you probably already have many of your strategies in place, or at least in progress. You probably already have your eye on several potential marketing trends you expect to emerge in 2024, as well as current trends you expect to see either wither or flourish. Let’s take a look at the things we [...]

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Four Types of Marketing Leaders (And How You Can Have Them All)

There is no question that marketing professionals are a different breed with a host of characteristics not often found in other professions—at least, not in such a specific combination. In the marketing department, you’ll find people who are both creative and analytical, curious and intuitive, decisive and diplomatic. These and many other characteristics set marketers and, to an even greater [...]

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How CMOs Must Prepare for a Recession

With all signs pointing to a recession in the near future, there is one absolute truth all companies must keep in mind: Marketing during any financial downturn is a must. We’ve covered some of the strategies you can put in place in the past, but stretching marketing budgets and making the most of free or low-cost marketing options like social [...]

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Why Is It Crucial to Keep Marketing During a Recession?

On the surface, it seems to make sense. When a financial downturn hits, budgets get tighter, so something has to go. For some companies, that means layoffs. For others, it might mean changing formulas or sizes for their products to save money. And for many others, marketing gets the axe. We can make a case for the first two solutions, [...]

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