Marketing Trends and Predictions to Help Leadership Prepare for 2024

With a new year around the corner, you probably already have many of your strategies in place, or at least in progress. You probably already have your eye on several potential marketing trends you expect to emerge in 2024, as well as current trends you expect to see either wither or flourish. Let’s take a look at the things we [...]

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Discover 5 Ways to Recognize a High-Performing Fractional CMO

Not every great marketer is cut out to be a CMO or Fractional CMO. In fact, the inherent personality traits and characteristics of marketers tend to be the opposite of what a CMO needs to succeed. However, there are a handful of marketers with the organization and analytical thinking needed to become not just a CMO or Fractional CMO, but [...]

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4 Things a Fractional CMO Juggles Every Day

If you’re trying to run a business without adequate marketing leadership in place, there’s a very good chance that you’re the one juggling a lot of things—or, worse, you expect someone without the necessary experience to juggle for you. For many CEOs and business owners, marketing sounds simple enough. You’re just educating the public about your company and your products, [...]

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Four Types of Marketing Leaders (And How You Can Have Them All)

There is no question that marketing professionals are a different breed with a host of characteristics not often found in other professions—at least, not in such a specific combination. In the marketing department, you’ll find people who are both creative and analytical, curious and intuitive, decisive and diplomatic. These and many other characteristics set marketers and, to an even greater [...]

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